Three UMinho teachers appointed to the National Education Council

Three UMinho teachers appointed to the National Education Council
Three UMinho teachers appointed to the National Education Council

Assunção Flores, Flávia Vieira and Carla Sá took office last week as counselors of the National Education Council (CNE). The three UMinho professors were co-opted by the CNE, from among personalities of recognized pedagogical and scientific merit, on a proposal from the president, UMinho informed today, in a statement. The inauguration took place at the 149th plenary session of the CNE, which took place on 19 September.

Assunção Flores and Flávia Vieira were also elected to coordinate the specialized committees “Teachers and Other Education Professionals” and “Pedagogical Innovation in Schools”, respectively. The two UMinho professors are part of the CNE Coordinating Committee, chaired by Professor Domingos Fernandes, President of the Council.

Maria Assunção Flores is a professor at the UMinho Institute of Education and director of its Research Center in Child Studies. She has a degree in Portuguese-French Teaching, a Masters in Education, both from UMinho, and a PhD in Education from the University of Nottingham, UK. She was the only Portuguese to chair the International Council for Education for Teaching and the International Association for the Study of Teachers and Teaching, two of the world’s leading entities in this field, having extensive experience in the field of education, with an emphasis on teacher training and professional development, professional identity, leadership, teacher assessment, higher education and curriculum development.

Flávia Vieira is a full professor at the UMinho Institute of Education, holding a PhD in Education. She has focused her research on reflective teacher training/supervision, pedagogy for autonomy in schools and transformation of pedagogy at the university where, since 2000, she has coordinated several multidisciplinary projects. Since 2013, she coordinates the Center for Studies and Innovation in Pedagogy at the UMinho Institute of Education.

For her part, Carla Sá is a professor at the Department of Economics at the School of Economics and Management and a researcher at the Research Center in Economic Policies and at the Center for Research in Higher Education Policies. She holds a PhD in Economics at the Tinbergen Institute / Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and her research interests lie at the intersection of Education Economics and Space Economics, namely in student decision-making.

The National Council of Education is an independent body, with consultative functions, the president being elected by the Assembly of the Republic, with the mission of providing the participation of the various scientific, social, cultural and economic forces, in the search for broad consensus regarding educational policy. The National Education Council is responsible for issuing opinions, opinions and recommendations on all matters relating to education, on its own initiative or in response to requests made by the Assembly of the Republic and the Government.

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