Russia to take action against Kiev drone attacks

Russia to take action against Kiev drone attacks
Russia to take action against Kiev drone attacks

Russia is taking “relevant measures” to protect its facilities from drone attacks in Kiev, the Russian presidency announced today, just hours after denouncing that an attack caused a fire at an airport.

“The line of continuity of these terrorist attacks, openly assumed by the Ukrainian regime, is a danger factor. Therefore, we take it into account and are taking appropriate measures,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

The governor of the Russian region of Kursk, a province that borders Ukraine, said today that a drone attack caused an airport fire.

The allegation was made a day after local Russian authorities accused Kiev of attacks with unmanned devices (drones) against two bases of the Russian Air Force.

On Monday, Russia accused Kiev of having attacked with drones the military airfields of Ryazan and Saratov, Russian strategic aviation bases and located hundreds of kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

These drone incursions left three dead and four injured, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

In August, Ukraine carried out a series of attacks against military bases in Crimea, including the Saki airfield, on the peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014.

The Kremlin said today that the Security Council of Russia discussed with the President, Vladimir Putin, issues related to the “internal security” of the country.

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