Chris Rock Asked School to Expel Daughter After Visit to Portugal

Chris Rock Asked School to Expel Daughter After Visit to Portugal
Chris Rock Asked School to Expel Daughter After Visit to Portugal

Humor and good humor have always been part of Chris Rock’s approach on stage and on television. But outside of work, it’s a different story. The comedian and actor is the father of two young girls, Lola Simone and Zahra Savannah. Recently, he revealed that he had to ask the dean of the school where his eldest daughter studies to expel her after a study visit to Portugal. An apparently dramatic attitude for some parents, but with a valid explanation.

During his stand-up show, “Selective Outrage”, Chris Rock addresses the

The comedian stressed that his daughters are privileged and, therefore, he already had to make extreme decisions for them to adopt different attitudes.

In Portugal, on a study visit in her last year of high school, Lola and four of her friends decided that “they were bored”, starts by explaining Chris Rock, so, “they left the group to go drink and of course they were caught “.

In view of what happened, the parents of the students who were caught managed to quickly get lawyers to prevent them from being expelled from the school.

Of course the “Wealthy ‘white’ parents don’t let their kids get kicked out of school. So these ‘white’ parents got lawyers. Even those who are lawyers got lawyers.”

At the time, Chris Rock said he did not want to hire a lawyer, but the hypothesis was discussed with his ex-wife, Malaack Compton-Rock, who intended to sue the teachers for having “lost sight” of his daughter.

With this in mind, Chris Rock went to his daughter Lola who, according to him, wasn’t seeing the seriousness of the situation and told him “daddy, stop it. You’re so serious, I’ll be back at school in no time”.

Faced with his daughter’s response, Chris Rock took the car and drove to the school with an unusual request to the principal.

“I need you to kick my daughter out of this school. I need you to kick her ‘black ass’ out of this school. I need my black daughter to learn her lesson now, before she appears on OnlyFans and some sh*t.”

The request was executed and the school ended up expelling Chris Rock’s eldest daughter.

Despite the expulsion, Chris Rock revealed that his daughter learned her lesson and is now taking a cooking course, reports the British newspaper Independent.

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