Two are arrested in investigation into murder in bar in the early hours of the morning – Interior


Police seized drugs, money, ammunition and weapons, including one of the same caliber used in the crime

Weapons, ammunition, drugs and even bulletproof vest seized in Dourados (Photo: Leandro Holsbach)

Two men were arrested this Wednesday (3) by civil police officers during investigations into the murder of Mário Sérgio de Oliveira Matos, 35, which occurred in the early hours of the morning in a bar on Rua Filomeno João Pires, in Parque das Nações I, east of Dourados (251 km from Campo Grande).

Gleidson Alves da Silva, 28, was arrested in Dourados and Rafael Gonçalves Florentino, 33, “Sovaco”, was arrested in Fátima do Sul. The work involved teams from the SIG (General Investigations Sector) of Dourados and Fátima do Sul and of the NRI (Regional Intelligence Nucleus) of the Civil Police.

A 38 caliber revolver was found with Gleidson, possibly the weapon used in the execution of Mário Sérgio. There is a suspicion that the crime is linked to the war waged by criminal factions – on one side the PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital) and on the other the so-called “opposition”.

According to the police, Rafael Gonçalves Florentino would be the leader of the “opposition” to the PCC outside the PED (Dourados State Penitentiary).

He is also suspected of being the mastermind behind the murder of Carlos de Palma Fermin, 43, which occurred on January 16 of this year in Jardim João Paulo II, and the attempted murder against Demétrio Siqueira Cavalcante Junior, 24, injured with five gunshots in the night of March 16th this year, at Parque das Nações II.

Bar where man was killed with a gunshot to the head, this morning (Photo: Sidnei Bronka)

Informed about the death of Mário Sérgio in the same region where the other two crimes occurred, the SIG police officers began to seek information about the murder in the bar and once again the suspicions indicated “Sovaco” as the mastermind, as the victim was a PCC sympathizer. and the suspect leads, outside the walls, the rival group to the São Paulo faction.

Rafael Gonçalves Florentino was located in Fátima do Sul by teams from that city’s SIG in support of the Dourados police officers. A portion of cocaine was found in his pocket.

After the arrest of “Sovaco”, the police arrived at Gleidson Alves da Silva, who could have participated in today’s crime. The 38 revolver was found at his residence with three intact ammunition and three empty chambers, indicating that the fired cartridges had been discarded.

Money seized from the faction leader’s house (Photo: Leandro Holsbach)
Money seized from the faction leader’s house (Photo: Leandro Holsbach)

At “Sovaco’s” residence, in Parque II, a 12-gauge shotgun and a 9 mm Glock pistol were found with two magazines, one with a capacity of 30 rounds. Several 9 mm, 38 and 357 caliber ammunition, a ballistic vest and a “Ron Kit” (support for transforming a pistol into a long gun) were also seized at the scene.

The police also seized cocaine and crack tablets, as well as precision scales and a shoe box with portions of cocaine ready for sale. A large quantity of R$2.00, R$5.00 and R$10.00 notes were also seized in the house.

The drug weighed 1.7 kilograms of cocaine and 563 grams of crack. The two were charged with drug trafficking, possession of a firearm and homicide. According to the SIG, investigations continue.

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