7 best movies and series with Maite Perroni


Maite Perroni, who played the character Lupita in Rebelcontinued her acting career after the teen soap opera and can be seen in several productions, including films and series, even standing out as a protagonist.

Actress Maite Perroni shows that her talent goes beyond RBD, enchanting with each new project, whether from Netflix, Prime Video or another great entertainment company. The Mexican star is part of romance, drama, investigation and comedy plots, delivering entertainment for all tastes.

Thinking about it, the canaltech listed the 7 best films and series starring Maite Perroni, all available to marathon on digital platforms.

7. I Can’t Without You

In the mystery movie I can’t without you, Maite Perroni plays the character Blanca, sister of businessman David, who is dating Álex. When Blanca returns to her brother’s life, the couple sees their routines change completely. The plot is original from Spain and is classified as a psychological thriller.

I can’t without you is available on Paramount+.

6. Triumph of Love

Triumph of Love is a 2010 Televisa telenovela that tells the story of Maria Desamparada, played by Maite Perroni. The young woman grew up in an orphanage, knows nothing about her past and has a lot of resentment for her biological parents.

Triumph of Love has a season for you to marathon on Prime Video.

5. The Eighth Clause

In The Eighth Clause, Perroni plays Cat, who forms a seemingly perfect couple with Borja (Óscar Jaenada). However, they hide many secrets, lies and infidelities, which become a problem when they receive an unexpected visit.

The film The Eighth Clause can be watched on Prime Video.

4. The Game of Keys

On the Serie The Game of Keys, couples of friends decide to participate in an intense but dangerous sexual game that could end up complicating their lives forever. The plot features Maite Perroni playing the character Adriana, one of the friends who most feel the impact of the game.

you can marathon The Game of Keys on Prime Video.

3. Twice Pregnant

in comedy Twice Pregnant, Maite Perroni plays Cristina, a woman who is about to get married. But at the bachelorette party, she is reunited with an old high school boyfriend and ends up sleeping with him. To her surprise, then, she discovers that she is pregnant with twins and that each baby is from a different father.

The film Twice Pregnant can be watched on Prime Video.

2. Dark Desire

The series dark wish is an erotic thriller that follows Alma Solares, starring Maite Perroni, a married lawyer. When she decides to spend a night away from home with her friend, she witnesses a tragedy, gets involved with a younger man and sees her life completely change course, at the risk of losing everything she has.

The two seasons of dark wish can be watched on Netflix.

1. Three Lives

in the mexican series Three Lives, Maite Perroni plays three people at once. The characters are triplets who only discover each other’s existence when one of them dies. So one of the sisters decides to conduct a dangerous investigation into what happened in their pasts.

The first season of Three Lives can now be watched on Netflix.

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