Alleged intimate video of Vini Buttel from ‘The Farm 14’ leaks

Alleged intimate video of Vini Buttel participating in A Fazenda and Ex Vacation with Ex Brasil leaks and goes viral. In addition to an intimate video, Vini Buttel had nudes leaked on the web

Vini Buttel has no idea, but he is facing a controversy outside the house of “A Fazenda 2022” (RecordTV). This is because the pawn had a supposed intimate video by Vini Buttel leaked on the internet this week.

In the images, a man appears filming his body from the bottom up, moving his private parts.

In an interview with journalist Fábia Oliveira, the influencer’s advice said that the pawn has many sexual images on the internet because he used to record his sexual relations. They reported that the leak of these images was a concern of the former “On Vacation With Ex.

“What there is most is his nudes on social media. He had an ex-girlfriend who was content and he was terrified of being exposed. He called her before the reality show, they talked and they were cool. She has pledged not to publish. Now whether this is hers or not, I can’t say. Vini recorded a lot of his adventures with dozens of women. But his legal department is aware of this story,” they said.

Splash has contacted the press office, but has not yet had a response. As soon as it occurs, the note will be updated.


Bruno also had alleged leaked nudes. The photos began to circulate behind the scenes of Rede TV and would have drawn attention due to the size of the organ, which measures 26 cm.

After having the name confirmed as one of the participants. Bruno did not talk about it and just celebrated with a post on Instagram: “Family, the father is on at AFazenda14 ! This challenge will be very special. Now you can meet Bruno Tálamo from day to day, the funny, playful guy, ready for any challenge. This time: The fourteenth edition of A Fazenda. I’m counting on you!”.

Intimate photo and video of Vini Buttel

A former participant in the reality shows “A Casa” (Record TV) and “De Férias Com o Ex” (MTV), Vini was Mister Espírito Santo 2019. After entering the reality show on Record TV, he had a leaked nude. In the image, the influencer appears comparing his penis to the size of a bottle of deodorant.

In the third edition of “De Férias Com o Ex”, Vini, who came in as Martina Sanzi’s ex-boyfriend, paid ass in the reality show during a joke with colleagues in the outside area of ​​the house.

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