Yasmin Brunet talks about breaking up with Gabriel Medina and says what she lived


Yasmin Brunet had a difficult time when she split from Gabriel Medina

It’s not news to anyone who follows the news about the world of celebrities that the relationship of Yasmin Brunet and Gabriel Medina came to an end in January of this year. At the time, a series of news even circulated in the media pointing out the possible reason for the end of the marriage.

In the face of all the speculations and accusations she suffered, Yasmin Brunet decided to open her heart for the first time during her participation in PodDelas, presented by Boo Unzueta and Tata Estaniecki on Youtube. “Every relationship ending is horrible, but it’s so much harder when you’re being exposed all the time,” she said.

In addition, the famous decided to say that the comments made her very bad. “It was very cruel for me, because they were lies every day, and it was always bad for me, me being the trash. Termination is hard enough and still having all this and the crowd talking with such certainty in the comments, as if they slept next to you”, fired Yasmin Brunet.

“I felt like everyone was against me. At one time, I didn’t even want to leave the house because I was afraid of what people said about me. I imagined myself walking into a restaurant and everyone thinking that about me. I didn’t want to see those looks, ”said Gabriel Medina’s ex-wife, reaffirming what she suffered.

“I knew what was true, but there was no point in saying it, because they wouldn’t believe it,” she said. In addition, Yasmin Brunet reinforced that during the process of separating from Gabriel Medina, she was the target of several accusations and that she had to call her lawyer to try to deal with the situations that became quite chaotic.

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About the recent sightings and speculation about her love life, Yasmin Brunet was quite candid. “Who I catch or fail to catch, can talk, I don’t care.. What bothers me are lies and when they doubt their character”. She also stated that she did not like being called ‘Gabriel Medina’s ex’ by a famous newspaper.

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Yasmin Brunet spoke of the breakup with Gabriel Medina – Reproduction Youtube

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