Accusations, discussion and tears: the intense hot seat that got everyone talking after the gala! Find out everything – Big Brother

Accusations, discussion and tears: the intense hot seat that got everyone talking after the gala! Find out everything – Big Brother
Accusations, discussion and tears: the intense hot seat that got everyone talking after the gala! Find out everything – Big Brother

This Sunday, the first gala took place with the first person expelled from Big Brother 2024. The public decided and Nelson Fernandes was the least voted contestant and, therefore, chosen to be the first contestant to abandon the Malveira villa, with 43% of the votes.

After the gala, the hot seat was very intense. Tempers flared, especially with Catarina Miranda. The host asked Catarina Miranda why she didn’t get up to say goodbye to Nélson. “I’m not like that, when I’m on my own, I’m on my own,” she stressed.

Daniela Ventura was implacable with her colleague’s attitude: «If you say that someone is really oppressing you, it is because you are against someone, don’t forget that this is defamation and a crime».

Catarina Miranda responded: «Don’t worry, I have good lawyers. See if you don’t take legal action with the things you say there».

Daniela assured: «I called you stupid, I don’t get sued for calling you stupid». «Do you know what defamation is? It’s wanting to convey an image of the person they are not.”continued Catarina Miranda.

«That’s exactly what you did (…) I think a lot of people don’t understand, there’s no need to use such strong words…oppression? Being here is trying to denigrate my image, she doesn’t know what oppression is, she should get a dictionary”, explained Daniela.

The discussion continued and more competitors criticized Catarina’s stance with Nélson. Daniela interrupted the debate between Catarina and André and the latter said: «You are very rude, you reach a level that is very bad! It’s not pretty».

In a confrontation with Catarina Miranda about a controversial situation, Jacques ended up getting emotional: «We are here playing. The normal thing here is not to trust knowing that everyone is playing. Maybe I’m the one who’s normal. The way you tease me all the time! Me saying I don’t have money to buy micellar water and you saying ‘I’ll buy you micellar water with 100 thousand euros’». «I came here without knowing the rules of the game. I know the light I have, I don’t need to come here and look for protagonism». «I know very well the person I am and I leave here with a reinforced strength and with the regret of realizing that there are people capable of not empathizing with the stories of others»

Another topic was discussed: Catarina Miranda said that Jacques wanted to use its difference to stand out. Daniela intervened, defending Jacques: «She didn’t lie in the situation she is in, which is complicated. I think she is different, but she is the same, we are all the same ».

Sérgio Duarte mentioned a situation that happened moments before the gala, and confronted Jacques: «I think you don’t accept the difference, my opinion. I gave an opinion and you turned your back (…) You don’t accept the difference in opinion in relation to you (…) you sulked at her opinion (Léo) (…) don’t try to pull the wool over your eyes!»

The host confronted João with a controversial question: “Does João feel uncomfortable with Catarina Miranda?”. «Sometimes it almost starts to be harassment. From the moment I’m with someone and they sit on our arms and tease us… I’m not going to sit on their arm so I don’t go outside», he guaranteed.

Regarding nominations, Margarida Castro was outraged by Jacques Costa’s appointment and the two clashed in the middle of a hot seat: «I’m very good friends with my friend, now the question is are you on good terms with me and then just because you don’t agree with something…you have to forgive things in a certain aspect. It’s very serious that a person with your story is using the word ‘bullying'”, said Margarida.

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